Heineken- The Voice in your head

Heineken is certainly acknowledged as a premier brand across the globe. Not so incidentally, the beer maker is also widely associated as a James Bond brand. All this apart, the Dutch beer maker took the world by storm with a stellar ad-campaign which engaged with customers and prospective buyers in a rather unique way.

Heineken designed it’s logo on the floors of supermarkets, thereby prompting shoppers to step upon it. The brand then employed directional speakers to create a high-frequency voice which could be solely heard by the person who stepped upon the design. The rather exotic voice prompted the shopper to grab a bottle of Heineken. The new-age technology baffled numerous shoppers eventually and created a view that they heard a voice from their own head.

The interactive ad-campaign certainly highlights the fact that embracing technology would give an edge for businesses. The campaign not only proved to be an inventive and brand new model but also an intelligent attempt.

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